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Sonett des Monats Januar

Wann sollte uns die Kunst Licht und Wärme spenden, wenn nicht in diesen dunklen Zeiten? Wir werden deshalb hier monatlich Sonette aus dem Q2 Englisch LK von Frau Lopata veröffentlichen, die im Rahmen einer „Creative Writing“-Unterrichtsreihe entstanden sind. Im Januar präsentieren wir das Sonett von Eva Reher.

Sand between toes and underneath my feet

Sound of the sea, waves stuck in my head

like my favorite song loud but yet sweet

Noisy wind makes everything unsaid

At home trees start losing all they have got

leaves and raindrops are falling hand in hand

But here I once have found my favorite spot

They say there is no rain that meets the sand.

Yet I am not there where I could be now

I have to stay at home and write all this

Watch the raindrops sliding down my window

Thinking about these things I deeply miss.

If this would be a normal one, this year

No one, no other force would keep me here