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Sonett des Monats November

Wann sollte uns die Kunst Licht und Wärme spenden, wenn nicht in diesen dunklen Zeiten? Wir werden deshalb hier monatlich Sonette aus dem Q2 Englisch LK von Frau Lopata veröffentlichen, die im Rahmen einer „Creative Writing“-Unterrichtsreihe entstanden sind.

Anna Granderath

Dancing Devils

We are all just dancing with the devil,
life has turned into a dangerous haze;
come on, my love, let us grab the shovel
we will use to dig the long needed grave.

Will it be our own, a grave for us all?
Or the ones who were standing in our way?
Times are changing; we are living a brawl
Prey turns to hunter, hunter into prey.

You claim we are living sins, love´s not love
but you´re the ones destroying our future
´cause you´re pleading books from someone above
hunting for prey like a hungry vulture.

Love is love, search for proof in evolution
dancing devils: it´s our revolution.