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Sonett des Monats Dezember

Wann sollte uns die Kunst Licht und Wärme spenden, wenn nicht in diesen dunklen Zeiten? Wir werden deshalb hier monatlich Sonette aus dem Q2 Englisch LK von Frau Lopata veröffentlichen, die im Rahmen einer „Creative Writing“-Unterrichtsreihe entstanden sind. Im Dezember präsentieren wir „How things are“ von Kinda Hazouri.


Einleitung der Autorin

At some point of life we eventually wake up from a dream, in which we used to view the world as the most ideal and perfect place to ever live in, to be merely confronted by a harsh disillusionment and stunned by the hurtful reality. Thereupon, as we undergo new experiences, we start to discover the truth of our existence, the meaning of life, and the importance as well as the value of the small things we have been oblivious to for a quite long period of time. One might be dejected and feel miserable due to the intensity of such a journey but without darkness there would be no thing like light. So where there is evil, there should be good too! And this is what my sonnet “How Things are” is about.


Kinda Hazouri

How things are


Never has been life serene[1] like a child’s play

But a strenuous[2] exposure to sombre[3] acquaintances

That turn you to a seasoned[4] earthling someday

Embodying existence’s indispensable substances.


Life full of benevolence and selflessness, we thought

but nothing else than malice and selfishness we saw!

Where are those altruists[5] the world has sanguinely[6] sought?

Doubtlessly submerged[7] by the innumerable wicked outlaws.


Complexion, wealth and social hierarchy are our measures,

For humanity, generosity and tolerance are not common,

Resembling invaluable yet consigned to oblivion treasures,

For we are rendered unsighted by the mammon[8].


Withal[9] still I have faith in mankind, a gleam[10]

Or we all are indulged in our euphemistic daydreams!



[1] peaceful and calm; worried by nothing

[2] needing or using a lot of physical or mental effort or energy

[3] serious, sad

[4] having a lot of experience of doing something and therefore knowing how to do it well

[5] an unselfish person whose actions show concern for the welfare of others

[6] optimistically

[7] cause to be under water, here: overwhelmed

[8] the force that makes people try to become as rich as possible and the belief that this is the most

important thing in life

[9] in spite of what has been said

[10] a faint or brief light, especially one reflected from something